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Promises, promises.

Our promise to you - to ignite an excitement within you by creating and communicating purposeful, relatable, thoughtful and meaningful ideas, tips, facts and stories to inspire us all toward a fuller more enriching life - mind, body and spirit. Did we mention the fun part? Yep, adding a little CREATION Health to your life can also be fun. 

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Schedule Your Biometric Screening NOW!

Schedule your biometric screening for FREE! Login to your WebMD account and select “Know Your Numbers” to find a date and time that is convenient for you at any of our campuses during the months of January through March 2017. Appointments are in 15 minute increments and all times close 48 hours before the scheduled date.

Be Our Guest

BE OUR GUEST: The Soundtrack to Your Wellness Journey

We all beat to our own drum and our wellness journeys can too! CREATION Health Employees is eager to present to you, a musical adventure through health and wellness known as “The Soundtrack to Your Wellness Journey: The Playlist That Will Change Your Life.”

First on your playlist: BE OUR GUEST. It's all about nutrition! Through this track, you'll learn new and exciting ways to meet your health and wellness goals through proper eating...Focus on nutrition and jam out along the way.

Click below to access the exclusive CREATION Health Employees Spotify and download our BE OUR GUEST playlist.

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How Has CREATION Health Changed or Inspired You?

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Stress Recovery Effect

Don't Worry, Be Happy: The Stress Recovery Effect.

Register NOW for The Stress Recovery Effect! In this FREE innovative, program you will learn how to turn stress from your enemy to your ally!

New for 2017:

Employees are invited to bring a spouse for FREE.

Employees who do not show for class or do not cancel within 24-48 hours of the class will be charged $10 by payroll deduction to cover the cost for food.

*Successful completion of this program will earn you 20 points towards your 2017 Wellness Incentive.