Get Past Your Personal Limits

Knowing what holds you back as well as what drives you forward can lead you to greater success in the future.

Follow these 4 tips to help you break through your personal limits: 

1. Identify fears and beliefs. Recognize negative thoughts that limit your achievement. For example, are you afraid your friends won’t like you anymore if you’re too successful? Have past failures made you reluctant to try again?

2. Appraise strengths, talents and accomplishments honestly. Perhaps your people skills make you a strong negotiator or your head for numbers allows you to easily balance budgets and create schedules. What are your proudest achievements?

3. Accept constructive criticism. Apply feedback in a positive way. It’s also important to take pride in a job well done — whether or not others acknowledge you.

4. Visualize your success. Think about how you’ll feel, look and act once you’ve reached your goals.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Success brings its own challenges, but the rewards are even greater.

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