Complete Health Improvement Program

The Complete Health Improvement Program (C.H.I.P.) is a scientifically proven lifestyle education program founded on more than 25 years of evidence-based medicine. The program is designed to prevent, arrest and even reverse common risk factors for chronic diseases such as: obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure; and is measured by pre/post assessments. CHIP is administered through 18 group lifestyle education sessions over nine weeks where you will enjoy food samples, and lively discussions providing tips, techniques, and tools for success. The cost is FREE to all Florida Hospital employees and their spouses who complete the program. 

Recommended for individuals with high health risk factors seeking to learn lifestyle changes to reduce risks of chronic disease.

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Learn More and Register.

Information Sessions (COMING SOON)

Attend one of the information sessions to both register and learn more. Registration will only take place at these sessions. If you cannot attend an information session above, please email:, with Attn: to Sarah Hawkins, CHIP.

When Does CHIP Start Next?

CHIP beings June through August 2019. One must attend an information session listed above to register for the program, as space is limited.

Wellness Incentive Details.

Employees can enjoy this program at no cost if the following minimum requirements are met:

  • 2 months Participation in the Program 
  • Attends 7 of 9 Live Sessions
  • 16 of 18 Video Sessions

What if I don't meet the requirements? A discounted fee of $299 will be charged via payroll deduction to cover the costs of tuition, health assessments, lab work, classroom materials, and food samples.

Wellness Incentive Details.

Family + 1 Program & Points. One family member is invited to attend with you; family members include a spouse, significant other or adult child. Your wellness incentive, 20 points, is automatically reported and added towards your incentive upon completing the required number of sessions before October 30th of the applicable incentive year. 

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