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Health Champions are a high-energy, enthusiastic bunch. They're champions of Employee Health & Well-being. You can be, too. All you have to do is help promote the principles of CREATIONLife, chat up the message of Employee Health & Well-being to your coworkers and walk the talk by actually participating in events and programs. 

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What is a Health Champion?

  • Chats, discusses, educates and basically carries forward the message of Employee Health & Well-being to their co-workers
  • Helps promote the principles of CREATIONLife to their team!
  • Leads by example 

Become a Health Champion. Why, you ask?

  • Be the first to hear about upcoming CREATIONLife events and initiatives
  • Help make a positive impact on your department’s wellbeing
  • Get invitations to fun and free social events

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