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Give it a Try, Champ.

Health Champions are a rowdy bunch. Ok, maybe more enthusiastic than rowdy, you get the idea. They're champions of CREATION Health Employees. You can be, too. All you have to do is help promote the principles of CREATION Health, chat up the message of CREATION Health Employees to your coworkers and walk the talk by actually participating in events and programs. 

C'mon, be a Health Champion, you know you want to. Sign up today.


What is a Health Champion?

  • Chats, discusses, educates and basically carries forward the message of CREATION Health Employees to their co-workers
  • Helps promote the principles of CREATION Health to their team, see above!
  • Leads by example; you can't very well be a champion if you don't give the programs and events a try yourself, can you? Well, you could, but that'd just be wrong! 

Become a Health Champion. Why, you ask?

  • Be the first to hear about upcoming CREATION Health events and initiatives
  • Help make a positive impact on your department’s wellbeing
  • Get invitations to fun and free social events

How to become a Health Champion

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