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Learn & Earns

You bring your lunch; we'll bring the knowledge.

Join your CREATION Health Consultants on all the hot topics of improving your health and wellness.

Emotional Eating: The Connection Between Food and Mood

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Part 1

  1. Watch the Virtual Learn & Earn: “Food & Mood”

Part 2

  1. Listen for the "secret phrase" that will be stated during the webinar. Input the secret phrase into the survey in order to earn 5 points. Points will only be awarded to those whom enter the correct secret phrase.

  2. Complete the survey between  August 1st-31st, 2018 to receive 5 points. Credit is only awarded for surveys received by strict deadline of August 31, 2018.

  3. Your points will be uploaded at the end of the fiscal quarter.


2018 Topics.

February. What's Love Got to Do with It? How to Master your Love Language.

Join us to learn how to better communicate at work and home by mastering your love language and the love language of those around you.

April. Making Sense of Your Dollars.

In this financial savvy session, you'll learn how to plan and navigate for unexpected expenses.

June. When the Going Gets Tough: Managing Life's Obstacles.

Learn how to cope and manage life when major changes take place at work and/or at home.

August. Emotional Eating: The connection between mood and food.

Ever wonder why you crave certain foods when you're happy and others when you're sad? Join us to learn how to recognize the signs of emotional eating and how to avoid common pitfalls.

October. Your Best Workout Yet: Designing a personalized workout routine.

Join us to learn how to create a personalized workout routine with your personal goals in mind.


It's all in the Details.

Live Option. Please note, pre-registration is required for all sessions. 

Virtual Option. Part 1 and 2 steps must be completed in order for points to be awarded for the virtual option.

Family + 1 Option. One family member is invited to attend with you, this includes; a spouse, significant other, adult child and/or friend!

Wellness Points. Earn 5 points for each topic. Present an employee badge, and swipe in upon arriving. Please allow  2-4 weeks for your points to reflect automatically toward your wellness incentive. (Maximum points awarded in this category: 25 points)

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