The REST of Your Life

Good sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Join us as we explore the evidence for how you can get The REST of Your Life!

Developed by Dr. Rebecca Robbins, an internationally-recognized sleep expert, Dr. Manoucher Manoucheri, a physician and medical educator, and Todd Chobotar, a wholistic health writer, editor, and publisher — this course will give you the latest discoveries in sleep medicine, equip you with dozens of strategies to combat common sleep thieves, and help you create a personal action plan to take control of your rest.

"The Rest of Your Life" is the product of this collaboration.  Bringing together the latest in sleep science and behavioral change, this innovative program offers practical, evidence-based solutions to the pressing problem of sleep deprivation.  

In this new and exciting program you'll learn how to get your best rest. Among the benefits:

Increased energy

Weight loss

Stress reduction 

Increased productivity

Improved mood

Join us on this 4-hour journey to find "The Rest of Your Life" for the rest of your life!

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Course Schedule: August


The Details. Your 15 points will automatically reported and added towards your incentive upon completion of the program. A spouse or significant other is invited to attend with you.

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*CANCELLATION FEE. There will be a no show fee of $10. All cancellations must be done 24-48 hours in advance by emailing All fees will be payroll deducted.