Stress Recovery Effect

Feeling stressed? Learn to turn Stress from your enemy to ally!

In The Stress Recovery Effect, researchers Nick Hall, PhD, and Dick Tibbits, DMin, introduce employees to their evidence-based solution for stress management in the workplace. Grounded in original research conducted at Florida Hospital—the largest admitting hospital in America—this transformative program empowers employees to do what elite athletes and high performance CEO’s do: Reframe stress from a negative to a positive, find their optimal stress zone, and use The Stress Recovery Effect to fuel future success.   

It's Possible. Learn How to Turn Stress from Enemy to Ally.

Avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” approach so common with most stress management programs, Drs. Tibbits and Hall have produced an individualized/customized program—within a range—where each participant will identify their own Stress Coping Style (SCS) and create a Personal Stress Profile (PSP). With these tools employees will learn new personalized strategies for optimizing (not eliminating) stress.

In this Innovative Program you Will:  

  • Identify your distinctive Stress Coping Style (SCS). 
  • Create your Personal Stress Profile (PSP).
  • Learn how to make stress work for you not against you.
  • Acquire tools to recover and refocus your energy.
  • Find out why avoidance of stress is NOT a long-term strategy.
  • Experience greater focus, creativity, and joy in life.
  • Learn new strategies for optimizing (not eliminating) stress.

Join bestselling authors Dr. Dick Tibbits & Dr. Nick Hall as they guide your team through The Stress Recovery Effect and teach your team how to turn stress from an enemy to ally! 

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Course Schedules: July & October


The Details. The Stress Recovery Effect is worth 15 points toward your 2018 Wellness Incentive.*CANCELLATION FEES: There is a no show fee of $10. All cancellations must be done 24-48 hours in advance by emailing All fees will be payroll deducted.