The TRUST Transformation

The Trust Transformation: Keys to Building Successful Personal and Professional Relationships.

Join us for a four-hour course designed to help you achieve better results through better relationships.

A Call to Action and Transformation

This program, developed by trust experts Roy Reid, JR., APR, CPRC and Dr. Omayra Mansfield, MD, MHA, FACEP,  is designed to help you become intentional and mindful about earning, cultivating, repairing, and restoring trust. 

Relationships are the cornerstone to success in our personal and professional lives and are the channel by which we accomplish great things. Innovation, change, restoration, growth, and transformation occur through trusted relationships. Our passion is to equip and train people to better take these critical steps that lead to trust in their relationships.

Our goal is to adjust your perspective, consider the current state of trust in your life, and take massive action to improve it. This program is a prescription to help you grow stronger relationships and mend relationships that need healing.

Our hope is that you will experience more fulfilling, productive, and enriching relationships through a more intentional and mindful effort to cultivate trust, and to live a life that is transformed and defined by this trust.

Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to be transformed and achieve strong, lasting relationships in your life?

Note: Your 15 points will be added towards your incentive and uploaded on a quarterly basis.

*Hourly employees can now clock into the CREATION Health Employees cost center for this program. Please talk with your manager prior to attending a paid class.*

*Your spouse is invited to attend with you.


There will be a no show fee of $10.

All cancellations must be done 24-48 hours in advance by emailing  

All fees will be payroll deducted.


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